Trade SPEC

You can Buy or Sell Spectrum Token (SPEC) on this page.

Trade interface is directly interacted with TerraSwap. You can also trade SPEC and other native and CW20 tokens there.

1. Navigate to Trade SPEC page

2.Select BUY SPEC or SELL SPEC tab

3. Enter the amount to buy or sell, and check the expected price and minimum received values.

4. The minimum received is determined by the slippage tolerance that user can tolerate. The default value is set to 0.5%, which is suitable for most cases. You can manually adjust the value by clicking the gear icon.

Slippage Tolerance is the maximum deviation from the expected Price. Transaction will be reverted if the effective price is different from the expected price by more than slippage tolerance.

5. Click Buy or Sell and then Confirm; the Station Extension should prompt you to sign the transaction. Check the details and enter the password to confirm the transaction.

The screenshots are captured from testnet.

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