Vaults are similar to Mirror or Anchor farms. It provides liquidity to Terraswap, and investors can earn farm token rewards (MIR, ANC). However, to deposit to Spectrum Vaults, investors do not need to collect and re-invest reward manually. Plus, investors will also earn from SPEC rewards.
Spectrum Vaults currently have two strategies Auto-compound and Auto-stake.


In this strategy, farm token reward (MIR, ANC) will be harvested and converted into UST and mAsset to reinvest into the pool again. This will result in growing LP over time. With more LP, farm will reward more token reward (MIR, ANC). With this effect, this strategy gives the highest possible APR.


In this strategy, farm token reward (MIR, ANC) will be automatically staked as in Governance section of Mirror and Anchor. This strategy suites with long term users who would like to invest to the Mirror or Anchor platforms. With this strategy, users will earn governance income, and be able to get tokens to participate in voting. This strategy is also more healthy to farm token reward (MIR, ANC) price as it is not being sold for UST.
Users can mix between auto-compound and auto-stake when providing LP. auto-compound and auto-stake ratio will be processed accordingly.

Available Vaults