Fees are not applied to SPEC Vault

Deposit Fee

Less than or equal to 0.1% of deposited amount, pay to SPEC stakers
Deposit fee serves as a mechanism to prevent front-running deposit of large liquidity provision just before compounding.

Vault Fee

6% on collected rewards, pay to SPEC stakers
A small % of the profits from each re-invest event will be converted to aUST and distribute to SPEC stakers in Governance Staking Pools.

Platform Fee

1% on collected rewards, pay to platform
The fees collected will be allocated as part of Spectrum's treasury which can be used for varied purposes such as hiring for external audits, community engagement, marketing, and development costs.

Controller Fee

1% on collected rewards, pay to auto-compounding controller
This fee is used to cover gas costs for our dynamic optimized auto-compounding as well as underlying services to run controller.