Web App

The Spectrum Web App is the official web frontend for interacting with Spectrum Protocol on Terra network. The Web App can be accessed at https://terra.spec.finance

The Spectrum Web App offers a graphical user interface for accessing the Spectrum core operations, such as providing liquidity to vaults, SPEC token trading, staking, and participating in Spectrum governance.

The Spectrum web app on Desktop requires Google Chrome and Station Extension to be installed. The mobile version requires TerraStation (iOS or Android)

There are three main pages on Spectrum Protocol Web App:

  1. Vaults : You can deposit your assets to provide liquidity pool (LP) and earn rewards on this page.

  2. Trade SPEC : You can Buy or Sell Spectrum Token (SPEC) on this page.

  3. Governance : You can stake SPEC token, create poll, and exercise your vote in poll on this page

In case you cannot access https://terra.spec.finance or you would like to have your own version of client to operate Spectrum Protocol Web App, you can follow this guide.

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