You can stake SPEC token, create poll, and exercise your vote in poll on this page.


1. Navigate to Governance page

2. Choose Governance Staking Pool that you want to stake. No lock pool offers more flexibility to withdraw anytime while locked pools offer higher return in exchange of some withdrawal locking period.

4. Select DEPOSIT and enter the amount to deposit into staking pool.

5. Select MOVE and enter the amount to move staked tokens to locked pools without the need of withdraw and re-deposit again.

6. Select WITHDRAW and enter the amount to withdraw tokens from staking pool.


1. Navigate to Governance page

2. Select In Progress poll that you want to vote

3. Read details about the Poll and any execute messages that Gov will perform after the Poll is passed

4. Scroll down to the Vote section and enter the amount of staked SPEC you want to vote

5. Click YES or NO and then Confirm; the Station Extension should prompt you to sign the transaction. Check the details and enter the password to confirm the transaction.

Vote cannot be changed after submission. Staked SPEC used to vote in polls are locked and cannot be withdrawn until the poll finishes. (More details on Polls and Voting)

The screenshots are captured from testnet.

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