Governance Staking Pools
For SPEC holders, you can stake your SPEC to Governance Staking Pools to earn additional income and receive the right to vote on governance polls.

Pool Types

There are 3 types of Governance Staking Pools:
  • No lock pool: You can unstake at any time. (weight = 1)
  • 30-Day locked pool: You cannot unstake for 30 days, after that you can unstake at any time. (weight = 1)
  • 180-Day locked pool: You cannot unstake for 180 days, after that you can unstake at any time. (weight = 2)

Pool Revenue

Revenue earned from vault fees will be split based on the weight of each pool. Pool with higher locked period will also earned from pools with lower locked period.
Rn=  i=nN1rwnfij=0iwjR_n =\;\sum\limits_{i=n}^{N-1}\frac{r *w_n *f_i}{\sum\limits_{j=0}^{i}w_j}
where        r=RFwhere \;\;\;\;r = \frac{R}{F}
= Revenue for pool n (sorted by locking period from highest locking period to no lock)
= SPEC amount of pool n
= SPEC amount of pool j
= Weight of the pool i
= total weights
= Total revenue
= number of pools
  1. 1.
    There are 3 pools with no-lock (f=1), 30-day (f=1), 180-day (f=2) locked period.
  2. 2.
    1M SPEC staked on no lock pool, 2M SPEC staked on 30-day locked pool, and 3M SPEC staked on 180-day locked pool
  3. 3.
    Suppose we earned 1M SPEC revenue.
The revenue splitting will be as follows:
r=1M4=0.25Mr = \frac{1M}{4} = 0.25M
: Revenue of 180-day locked pool
R0=0.25M3M23M+0.25M3M15M+0.25M3M16M0.775MR_0 = \frac{0.25M*3M*2}{3M} + \frac{0.25M*3M*1}{5M} + \frac{0.25M*3M*1}{6M} ≈ 0.775M
: Revenue of 30-day locked pool
R1=0.25M2M15M+0.25M2M16M0.183MR_1 = \frac{0.25M*2M*1}{5M} + \frac{0.25M*2M*1}{6M} ≈ 0.183M
: Revenue of no lock pool
R2=0.25M1M16M0.0416MR_2 = \frac{0.25M*1M*1}{6M} ≈ 0.0416M

Pool Locking Period

Each user will have only 1 locking period per pool. If there is existing amount locked in locked pools, new locking period will be weighted average between locked amount and deposited amount.
λˉ=wiλi+wnλ0wi+wn\bar{λ} = \frac{ w_i λ_i + w_n λ_0}{w_i + w_n}
= New locking period
= Remaining locking period
= Pool locking period
= Existing locking amount
= New locking amount
  1. 1.
    For the first time, user deposit 100 SPEC to 30-day locked pool. The locking period will be 30 days.
  2. 2.
    After 20 days, 100 SPEC will have the remaining locking period for 10 days. If user deposit additional 25 SPEC, the locking period will become 14 days.
14  days=100  SPEC    10  days  +  25  SPEC    30  days125  SPEC14 \;days = \frac{100 \;SPEC\;*\;10 \;days\;+\;25 \;SPEC \;*\; 30\;days}{125\; SPEC}